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Getting started with trading options may seem intimidating, but with the expert guidance of John and Jackie you'll be up to speed faster than you could have ever imagined. No matter what your ultimate goal is, learn the basic skills and gain all the confidence needed to ultimately win in the exciting world of options.

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You won’t regret it!

Option trading made easy! During this course we will walk you through the basic premise of trading options without all of the complicated jargon, fluff, or muss. This is a no holds barred look at what options are; and how we have been able to capitalize no matter the market conditions. We will share with you our personal journey; the lessons we learned along the way; and the blueprint we ultimately designed to take back control of our financial situation.   



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    Student Toolkit

    • The magic that is compounding interest

    • DYO_Results Tracker

    • Discover Your Options ~ An Options Strategy Playbook

    • Due Diligence Checklist

    • Discover Your Options Paper Trade Template

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    Just the basics please!

    • PLEASE READ! Disclaimer

    • Who really makes money on your 401K

    • Options_What? Part I

    • Options_What? Part II

    • Options_What? Part III

    • Options_Why?

    • For every good...there is a bad

    • Option Chain_Part 1

    • Option chains_Part II

    • Brokerage Account_How to open...

    • Brokerage Account_Executing trades

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    Research 101

    • Research Sample_$MSFT

    • Due Diligence

    • Where to look

    • Support and Resistance

    • Support and Resistance pt.2

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    Love The Fundamentals

    • Discover Your Options ~ historical analysis. Part I

    • Discover Your Options ~ historical analysis. Part II

    • Breakdown ~ Predicting Future Share Price

    • Breakdown ~ Put strike prices

    • NEW!!! The Blueprint

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    Additional Option Strategies

    • Call Credit Spreads

    • Put Credit Spreads

    • Iron Condor

    • Executing Credit Spreads from TOS

    • Executing The Iron Condor From TOS

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    Options For Income

    • Covered Calls

    • Cash Secured Puts

    • The "Money Wheel" Strategy

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    Tips & Tricks

    • Ninja Tip_Picking Sectors /Industries

    • Ninja Tip_A Tale of Two Strategies

    • Ninja Tip_PUTS ~ In the money

    • Ninja Tip_Exit Strategy

    • NEW!!! Trailing Stops

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    • Resources ~ Quick Links

About Your Instructors


John and Jackie Johnson

On the surface we were living the dream; but as with so many people today we were really trapped in the day to day grind of maintaining a middle class existence.   Stuck in jobs we were to afraid to walk away from, we felt like we had lost the ability to control our own destiny.  As happens sometimes in life, we hit an unexpected crossroads and were faced with a choice.  The decision on what path to take seemed unanswerable.  Forced to make life altering changes and head down an unknown road; what began as the scariest moment(s) of our lives together turned out to be the beginning of a journey long overdue and worth the price. After 20 years of marriage, we found common ground and a hidden passion in the most unlikely places: trading options.  We are now sharing everything we've learned about trading options; and hope you will join us to see how we walked away from everything and ended up taking back control of our lives.  During our 8 weeks together  we will open up our personal playbook. Showing you everything from how to get started trading options, to our personal strategy for picking companies, how & when to sell, and all the tips and tricks in between. Our hope for everyone taking this course is that they leave unafraid to take risks, challenge themselves to try a road less traveled, be fearless, and Live Well!


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  • The Best Ways to Start

  • Common Mistakes

  • Tips & Tricks

  • Objective approach

  • Exit strategies

  • Expert analytics


Stock Investor / Fundamental Analysis Expert

Wanda D. Fields

The only thing I regret about the Discover Your Options system is not doing it sooner! I've tried various Options Trading platforms and none of them had the functionality and superb earnings as this system. This product has helped me to double my profits in a matter of weeks and sometimes months - and as a result I'll never go back to using another system.


Von Smoke

An interesting take on options. Very informative. A must read. #DiscoverYourOptions


Corey Camp

The Discover Your Options system has helped me in ways I can't even imagine. It took me from a person that had no clue to having the confidence to get in the game. The Discover Your Options system in a word, DOPE!



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